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Halito! (hello)

If you build something make it last for several generations. Seven generations to be exact. Whether I design a logo for a new business venture or a gala for an established non-profit I understand that these clients will be recognized by my work for years to come. That is my goal--whether it's a book cover or book mark--make it memorable. Make it relevant seven generations from now. Make it inspiring, enduring, and impactful. Listen to my client's wants and needs, and give them more options than they ever dreamed. I am a graphic designer and a registered member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. May my projects grow beyond me, and benefit the next seven generations. May all my work bring honor to my tribe.

“Whether you are designing a new company logo, or creating a new business, or you are creating a non-profit yearly event that needs a new memorable logo—make sure Stephenie Walker is on board at the beginning of your venture. Stephenie has consistency, an innate ability to problem solve, she is always learning, she is able to take constructive criticism, and above all she is patient.”

Susan Whitehead, Realtor Silva Realtry Group

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